(2020 c68) Flip Folio

Inside of my Fab Flip Folio finished.



I hope you can see my video by clicking this link:


My crafting friends, you may have noticed on my blog I have not been making or posting near as many cards as of late. (In April I made 9 cards & combining May, June and July I only posted 9 total creations and 2 of them were mixed media pieces)
So here is the reason why: I have discovered Jennifer Chamberlain’s Artists Unlimited and have been watching her videos and trying her techniques!
Here is my finished FAB FLIP FOLIO – see the video. There are photos showing that I used repurposed brownie & cracker boxes for the bases and I used 2 inch grosgrain ribbon to reinforce the inside hinges.

Go to Artist Unlimited to see how to sign up with Jennifer Chamberlain’s subscriptions:



Challenges Entered:

HeroArtsStay Crafty #12 – Friendship (Flip Folio – gift for a friend)

PowerPoppyRock that Mojo – Search for an inspiration source and use it to spark CREATIVITY  ( I used inspiration from Jennifer Chamberlain from Artists Unlimited July 17 post https://www.facebook.com/themakerbeehive)


  1. Verna Angerhofer

    So glad you are exploring new ideas and techniques. Sounds like fun!

  2. It’s looking fabulous, Lagene – and it sounds as though you’re having lots of fun (which is the main thing after all!).
    Alison x

  3. Julie Koerber

    I am so glad you have a fun and crafty reason for not posting as much! That’s really awesome that you’ve found some fun ways to tap into a craft you love and learn at the same time! Awesome results here Lagene!

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