(2020 c65) Acrylic Lake Scene

(2020 c065) Acrylic Lake 1

I have been learning so much from Jennifer Chamberlain @ Artist Unlimited on Facebook  .   She has some free videos from time to time and she has a monthly subscription membership (with 4 lessons per month) that gives access to all her classes as well as cheaper individual class subscriptions.  Her  monthly Makerbeehive subscription will open again in August.

This was painted on watercolor paper with ACRYLICS.  Below is a zoom in on the early birds flying out at dawn to do a little fishing!(2020 c065) Acrylic Lake 1 birds

My grandaughter is visiting for a week and she suggested using the painters tape to mask off the sky to create the mountains and that was perfect! She created a scene too see below.

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SimonSaysStamp: (Mon.)  Early Birds

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