To Bee or Not to Bee Hop at Crafty Milka’s blog, Huge giveaway!

There is an AWESOME blog hop and giveaway over at Crafty Milka that runs from May 20 to May  31. There will be 19 prizes & 19 winners!!   Click on the link to see her details for the hop HERE

May save the bees May save the bees 2

My husband & I host 60 to 80 bee hives on our 5 acre place  in southern Oregon for the summer (to get them out of the California heat) for a bee keeper from California after they are through pollinating the orange and nut orchards.  We love having these amazing creations of God at our home all summer!!!   See some photos below:

Bee 2019-04-15.jpg

In the picture below you can see how they love our bird bath to get drinks, it is totally lined with bees drinking in the hotter days.


See the 2 closeups below, It is interesting that anytime there is a full ring of bees around the birdbath drinking, there is always 1 white bee, I  can’t figure out what that means does anyone know???

Bees 2018-07-02 2.jpg

Bees 2018-07-02 1 zoom.jpg




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  1. Verna Angerhofer

    Thanks for sharing the info about the bees. We used to have some gather at our farm when I was a kid when the bee keepers set up their hives.

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