MFP Tutorial Time Chal. #54 Spirelli Accents by Lagene Sands

This week I am bringing the tutorial at Tutorial Time on SpeedyTV.  This is Challenge #54 and the tutorial is Spirelli Accents.  Here is my first card.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd my second card using the complete scalloped circle for  the Spirelli.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

TT Ch 54 GullibleSO you can go to Tutorial Time Ch #54 on SpeedyTV & follow the tutorial or follow it here & be sure to enter before the deadline at TTSTV for a chance to win the stampset seen on the left.

Now here’s how to make Spirelli Accents:

Scalloped shapes like circles, ovals, pendants etc.
Tape to secure thread on back of  scalloped heavy cardstock.
Twine or heavy thread, I used 2 strands of embroidery thread (instead of 6 strands) on the Dragon card  & used metallic thread for the Butterfly card.

Step 1
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Cut out heavy cardstock with a Scalloped Die, I enjoy using circles, ovals, blossoms and triangular pendants. I also prefer repurpose glossy cardboard from boxes that are a little sturdier than heavy cardstock, as seen to the left.

Step 2
Tape end of string to back side of scallop shaped cardstock or cardboard.   Either cut a very long string or better still don’t cut your string until you have completed the wrapping, it is hard to judge how much you need.

Step 3
The traditional way to wrap the string is to start at a scallop & skip at least 3 scallops and choose to go either clockwise or counterclockwise (Just be sure to continue in the same direction you started)  If you chose to skip 3, be sure to skip 3 scallop valleys each time:
In the illustration below I first taped string on the back, Pulled it to front side through valley and skipped 4 scallop valleys when pulling string down on the front side, then pulled it up to the top valley that is clockwise (right) to my starting valley, then back down on opposite side, skipping 4 valleys on the left on bottom  Continue around the shape until you meet the first string.

The illustration below I wrapped every 4th scallop.Spirelli directions
In the illustration on the right,  I changed it up quite a bit. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I skipped 6 valleys when going down to the bottom and then skipped 2 valleys beyond where the top thread started when returning to the top, then skipped 6 again going down to the bottom, then back up to 2 beyond where the last top thread started.  This gives a more open structure.  The whole effect is changed by how many scallops you skip on top and on the bottom of your scalloped shape.


For a variation, you can use an open oval like I did below & just string out from one valley on bottom to upper valleys to form a spray or ray.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Or use a triangle scalloped pendant & get a Christmas tree effect as seen on the right below, Just experiment!

Have fun trying this fun technique!



  1. Pam

    Super cool! I love doing this. Thanks for the great technique!

  2. The first card is my favorite. Very pretty.

  3. Jane Chambers

    I loved doing this technique Lagene. Thanks for making it so easy to follow. Your cards are super cute!!!

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